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To add a link to any Level82 theme's menu, go to Customize > Pages > click + Add a page > select Redirect from the menu (if your link is going to go to an external page) > type a URL in Page URL (EG. flickr if the link is going to your Flickr, it doesn't matter what you type in here as long as it's not already in use) > type the URL the link will go to in Redirect to (EG. if the link is going to your Flickr photostream) > tick Show a link to this page > give the link a name (EG. Flickr).

A link should now show up in the theme's menu. If you have a page already created just click Edit next to the page and tick Show a link to this page and give it a name (EG. About me). If you want to have a "Photos of me" link, type /tagged/me (or whatever you tag your photos) instead of in Redirect to.
Note: You will not see the links in the customize preview, but you will when you go to your Tumblr.

Adding music to your blog

To add music to your blog (NOT AUTO-PLAYING MUSIC), go to Customize > click Edit HTML > scroll down until you find </body> > paste the code provided on the music streaming site above/before </body> (do not remove anything from the HTML) > click Update preview > click Appearance > then click Save.

Note: the music streaming site you choose may have instructions, it is recommended you follow both their and these instructions as closely as possible.
To add music to 21-Nights simply place the code from the music site into the box labeled Music player script.

Adding a visitor counter to your blog

To add a visitor counter to your blog, go to Customize > copy the script from the visitor counter website you choose > paste the code in Description (below your current description) > click Save.

Note: to add the visitor counter to 21-Nights simply place the code from the site into the box labeled Visitor counter script.

Editing the theme's style

To add more styling to a theme, write the CSS in Custom CSS under Advanced in Customize.
To override a theme's default style, add !important before the ; of each CSS style you wish to override, below is a list of default element IDs or classes:

Enabling messages and submissions

To enable messages go to your blog's dashboard ( > click Settings > tick Let people ask questions > give your ask page a title > click Save preferences. You will find the option for the submission page there too.

Adding infinite scroll

All themes should have infinite scroll installed by default, if it is not enabled go to Customize > tick Infinite scroll > click Save. If there is no option under the appearance menu, chances are it cannot be done.

Searching a blog with a Level82 theme

Most Level82 themes do not have search boxes to reduce clutter (who uses them anyway?). If you would like to add one click here, alternatively you can search any blog by typing /search/what you're searching for on the end of the blog's URL.

Adding tag clouds

To add a tag cloud, find a plugin provided by a third party creator and add the provided script to the description box in Customize.

Level82 was originally created by Cleo Patrick but is now managed by Untitled Themes. Themes hosted by Tumblr.